…sarcasm eh?

So here is a interesting topic.

This too might have to be done in a series as it could spread into various topics..
But lemme get right down to it.


Recently a comment was made to me about a situation wheras the person was being confidently sarcastic.

–So much so that they had to reasure me that I knew that they were being sarcastic to me – so that I didn’t see it other then that.  Clearly I didn’t need their reassurase- but I did find it comical that they had to do it.

..and so it got me the thinking.  – Why do we indeed need to be sarcastic with people?  I mean – I do get it in the sense that we could run a joke here and there – where we are being playful and such — but what about the times when the intent is not to be playful?  What is sarcasm intended to do?  How is the reciepent supposed to feel – and how is the perpetrator supposed to feel?

Before I tell you what I figure – I looked up the defination of the word “sarcasm” – and here is what I found:


1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark
3. mocking, contemptuous, ironic language intended to convey scorn or insult


Sarcasm eh?

Hmmm… so really when we remove the playful humourous side of things and take it for the core of what it is, essentially what we see is a person that is basically putting you down and insulting you to scorn.  We see a person that has “lack of respect” (even minimal) for you. – If they had a high respect for you – they would not use such a means of communication.

But how is the reciepient supposed to feel?  I believe that the person is supposed to be left feeling incompetant, degraded to some degree, – foolish.

But what about the deliverer of the sarcasm?  How are they supposed to feel (even subconciously) when they do it?  –> how about superior, elevated, proud, powerful, and accomplished.

– the oposite of the recieptent.


I have spend a good portion of my life trying not to pull people down – but rather – encourage them, stand in the gap for them.  All this is because in my life there has be/is a remnant of people that have done (some still doing) that for me.
I know how that feels – and I am blessed by it.

There already so much out there in life wether it be Televsion, Music, Internet – or even just social connection that are poised on tearing someone else down – makin them feel inferior while the perpetrator feels like they are on top of the world and their puup don’t stink…

The truth be told.. – You will understand the character of a person by how extensively they use sarcasm. This may be an eye opener. This doesn’t mean that they nessasarily are bad people – but what it does suggest is that there is something lacking, or insecure somewhere in their being leading to why they feel the need to reptisiously insult someone as to scorn.

They have an underlying need to put someone down while they themselves are esteemed….

I have said this before – and I will say it again. – The concept of: “Sticks and Stones my break my bones — but words will never hurt me… ” –> Is a LIE from the pit. There are things that may have been said to you that was hurtful – and you still feel the sting of it a little to this day. It could be 5 years ago.. or 20.  The point is – if you break your leg – you have 6-8 weeks in a cast, and you are recovered. Some of the things that we say to each other – in this case hurtful things – can even take a life time to get over.


Back on track —

Sarcasm.  Basically a cute yet potent way to insult and cut someone down – and attempt to make them appear foolish.

Don’t. Do. It.

To do that intesionally outside of a joking atmosphere – speaks volumes as to who you are.


..thoughts??  Rebuttles?  I am game to hear..

Anyways – I have another blog in my mind… – so it is – On To The Next One!



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