More Locations To Take Lessons…



  1. cropped-cropped-20160717_004757.jpgLong & McQuade Markham – Lessons Centre – You can now enroll there to have Nigel teach you either for 30 mins or 1 hour at a time. Call 905.471.5322 and as for either Dan Squiers, or Vicky Enalen.  You can also email them @
  2. Cosmo School of Music –  If you are more in the Richmond Hill area – you can take lessons with me there as well.  Just call 905.770.5222 x 270 (or toll free 1.800.463.3000) and someone there in the Music School will allocate you accordingly.  You may also email:
  3. The Home Studio is still available at selective times.  Feel free to contact us here @ – or call us at 416.725.6585 
  4. A location of your choosing is also available.  For more information on that feel free to click here for more information on that – as that is more of a customizable option.  Also you can call 416.725.6585 


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