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Chops ‘n Stuff

So today I watched of post of one of my childhood drumming heros — Dennis Chambers.  It was good in a way to see/hear him speak again about the whole drumming industry.

I say “in a way” as over the past year or so – it would appear that he has had some health issues — and has rapidly lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.  To see him still speak as an authority and with authority on the industry — made me feel very optimistic for him.

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Random Randomness

So this week was interesting.

Quite the interesting.

It seems to be a bit more of a hustle kinda week —  more than usual. I am still sometimes going to bed around 4 am — (listening to the birds wake up and start chirping – as I look to head to my slumber) — Still pluggin in more venues for clinics, teaching opportunities, gigs and tours.

All this hustling got me really lookin at life again, as well myself, and my role or purpose in it.

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Year 1

Ok so I am a little late with this blog.

August 28th marks the day thats I completed “Year 1” of full time musician life.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Many have you have heard me say something along the lines of

“Your gift shall make room for you”..

I am still a firm believer of that.

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Responding to the Wrong…

This wasn’t supposed to end up being a blog — but since I started typing — it has evolved into one… – So that being said…

–Since people keep askin me / and challenging me on this view — I will respond accordingly:

If a person(s) has done you wrong — idealistically they should at least address the situation. Usually an apology (sincere and without trying to “justify” their actions) should suffice.

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Some of the Joys of Teaching

I love times like this — I haven’t have many mentors in my life — especially male ones —  so it is an honor to just #GiveBack to the next generations that “few” have given to me.  To those that did — I honor you today with doing as you have done with me!

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Another Transparency Session

Ok here we go — again..


So this month my church KCLC commenced into a season of a fast.

..this is indeed an excellent idea — nothing short of being led by God to do such.


It runs for three weeks, but instead of getting into the details of it lets get into the crux of this blog.


We are called to fast and to seek God.   For the most part of the fast we are not to eat anything until after 5 pm – 12am.  Nothing but water during the day. (Many restrictions do apply however).

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Can you believe it?

Where on earth does this time go?  Is it just me — or does it appear that the years are going by at a MUCH faster rate then previous years?  If so — what does this mean?

Well — as I said before in a previous blog

“…time is precious”

..and I will go further to say that:

“…time is your LIFE… and you will never  get your time/life back”

So I am going to not use too many cliché’s and such — but you do know that there will be a few, or perhaps many haters out there that will not want you to succeed for various reasons.

It is up to you to choose how you will let that affect you — or not.

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Useful Vs. Relevance

The past couple of days have been quite the pensive for me.  For those of you that know me — being in a state pensiveness is nothing foreign.

As it has been before, so is it now… this pensiveness spawns concepts that floods my mind, and inadvertently force me meditate on them.

I will go on record to say this — sorta off topic — but not exactly.

7 days without prayer makes one weak…..

So here is one of the things that I have pondering.
As I share this with you, I hope it may shed some light, and/or maybe bless some one.

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On The Precipice Of Change…. again..

It has been said:

That which does not grow or change – is either dead or dying..

All things that live..
…must grow…

…must change…

So there comes a time in ones life where you must do a little self examination. Where are you in life?  Where is it that you are going?  Where should you be?

The truth of the matter is, that if you are not poised on progression – you are prone to digression.

We need to have clarity.  A plan, and an the action that executes this plan.

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Presentation and Performance

Recently I was interviewed from Canada’s Leading Drumstick Company…

..wanna read about it
…here it t’is!!!

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…so I was reading an article…

It was talking about what happens in the both inside – and outside of the Mixed Martial Arts ring…
Does the word perturbed mean anything to you?

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…random thoughts of change and transitions…

You know — it is good when you think well of yourself. In fact — you should. It is also a blessing when others speak well of you.. this is also good. But if you feel the need to have others always speak well of you — then there is a motive in there may need to be examined. I am at a point right now — where I can say titles are nice — but you are not your title. You are (or suppose to be)more than that. I wasn’t able to attend my late cousin Conrad’s funeral — but the last thing I am aware that he left for people to read of him at his funeral – was something along the lines of: “…let my works speaks for itself…”

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What Is The Definition Of Time

So at one of our bible studies this past month – we were discussing many things regarding our “assignment” in life. What is indeed our God Given assignment?

More so importantly,  are we en-route to fulfilling it?

Many of us would look at it as such — if we are doing something that is well and good, and we start to see that “fruition” of things coming back to us, we will then in turn deem that as us fulfilling our purpose in life.


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More Locations To Take Lessons!

4 locations – and still going up!!!

Now you can have your option as to where you can take Nigel!

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Listening To Music here I am checking out one of my favourite bands.  I am all over these tracks.  They are instrumental tracks that are the main vibe of how I love music, and the kind I would like to play.

Head bobbin – ears saturated with tonal musical complexities that engulfs my mind with an intense warm embrace.

I figure I will go online and download the tracks.

..but I get to one particular track – which I thought “may” have been one of the most attractive tracks — (they are all pretty dang good) — and I check the name if the track… — Without giving away the name of the track hence therefore many might know which band I speaketh of, (some of you might already) –  I find myself a little perturbed – by it.



The Rhythm Of Life

So here we go.

We are officially into September 2013.

Today is the Dawn of a New Era.

For many of us this means that it is a time where we dread going back to school, or if you are a parent, you have been looking forward to the kids going back to school!  We look at this time as a time where we close up the vacation shop and get back to the grind of the work schedule.

This is either an good time for us – or a mildly depressing time for us.





2/3rds the way through 2013 — and still (and probably will be for the rest of my life) – on the concept of “Forwardness”.


This is still the year we cannot let our past dictate to us where we should be or what we should do. Sure – we have indeed failed at times, messed up and made mistakes — but this has no bearing to what we are to become – or where we should go with respects to our future. They have no say in my level of success in life.



Christmas…. and money

Ok – so here we go with yet again another topic that in a sense gives me some form of displeasure.   The season of Christmas – and “the love of material things”

As I type this, the day is December 26 @10:48pm. Therefore for many of us that indeed celebrate Christmas – we also partake in the grand opportunity of Boxing Day – where we go out to find, and gather all the greatest deals we can.

Here’s the thing.

How is it that there are some places across the city that were “opened for business” on Christmas Day?

…more violence now all of us have heard of the tradgedy that has happend this week in Connecticut.

I am really tired of of all this..


But I have a problem about this – that I have had for years.. and this problem – at least right now – I do not know how to make it go away.


I am not even sure if it should actually go away.

It’s Been A Hot Minute

Well it has been a minute since I did an update to the MaynStreet Music website… but what a year it has been….


It has been a very trying year – in some ways – my most challenging – This year – was a step up challenge from even my previous year which that alone was challenging – facing things and dealing with things that to date I never had to face before… – this year – was all that to the exponent of 3….

2K11 to 2K12

2011 Marks a huge deal of a year for me…

That was the year that I registered and started, the year that Endurance the band started to kick off with and others, the year that I started to focus a little more on what I needed to do – rather then may want to do.







Every musician plays for the enjoyment of making music.  Creating something that is personal, unique and self fulfilling is a wonderful feeling and when shared with a listening audience, a single musician has the ability to play our emotions like an instrument.  Ontario’s Nigel Maynard recognized music’s emotional strength at a young age and takes great enjoyment in sharing music’s magic with new and inspiring musicians.


…sarcasm eh?

So here is a interesting topic.

This too might have to be done in a series as it could spread into various topics..

But lemme get right down to it.

Recently a comment was made to me about a situation wheras the person was being confidently sarcastic.

–So much so that they had to reasure me that I knew that they were being sarcastic to me – so that I didn’t see it other then that. Clearly I didn’t need their reassurase- but I did find it comical that they had to do it.



Transparency & Revelation

As I sit here in front of my laptop thinking about what I am about to write – it sorta dawns on me…

… – that in this particlar time – this particular day and age everything and everything is needed immediately. Eveything focuses on us getting ahead – or making a name for ourselves.

In any regard – we are; as I like to say – hustling..



Life Is Precious

Life Is Precious

It is kinda surreal actually. With the site up – there is a sense of really seeing things happen – even though they have been happening already.

One thing is for sure though…

I don’t want to ever become so busy as such that I don’t get that time to smell the roses…








It sucks….

Lets face it we have all been a recipient of it… at times maybe even the cause of it. Sometimes – some of us let it seep to deeply in to our spirit… and really – really pull us down, and you gotta ask yourself really…

A “Re” – Revelation…

The past few days have had some complications.

In someways – downright tough.

The funny thing is – in many-a-times when things are not as simple…


Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to teach my youngest student ever – I was thinking about the talent this kid has and the ability to go as far as he sets his mind to go. 3 year old Jahziah Johnson has what it takes to be an awesome musician in any sence.

This has inspired me…

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