Generations to Follow Author: MaynStreet Music

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to teach my youngest student ever – I was thinking about the talent this kid has and the ability to go as far as he sets his mind to go.

3 year old Jahziah Johnson has what it takes to be an awesome musician in any sence.

This has inspired me.

Watching him working at correctly coordinating his limbs to play a groove – even to watching how he pushes out his lips when he plays (thus indicating that he is concentrating and focusing on throwing down a monster groove), gives me a sense of purpose as to what my calling is – in part – for my life.

Watching his face light up when seeing me play just a simple 1,2,3,4 beat was beyond description.

All in all – you never know who will have an impact on your life, or when.  It could be some iconic figure, it could be a family member, it could be someone well in years with a tone of life experience –

….or it could be a three year old full of life kid like Jahziah.

There is unique reward in watching kids grow, learn and develop.  I am not a father – but I can get a glimpse on what it is like to see kids faces light up when you teach them something – and how they want to do it over and over again with such zeal. Something like that is priceless.

I can get a better understanding now about what parents say about “getting strength from their kids” – as just watching Jahz work at his instrument with a passion and zeal, and then watching me play the simplest basic groove… with jubilance written over his face – not because I was “awesome” or anything like that – but more so – it was due to the fact that he heard drums being played, and he envisioned himself doing the same thing..

That – in and of itself – you cannot put a price tag on…

You have inspired me J.J.

…little do you know..

Rock on little bro…




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