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To inspire, to teach, and to develop musical creativity that will allow a person to express themselves in a positive way, with their own persona attached. To enrich others musically - and to leave a story of truth to all that listen, including the player.

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Welcome to the Official Site of Nigel "MaynStreet" Maynard!

I hope you will find this to be a place where you can come check out where I am and what I am doing over time!

Here is a good way to keep in touch with me as well. Also – if you ever send me an email (provided that it is a proper clean one! ;o) I will respond back as soon as I can! – Promise!

On this site you will find out things like different types of gear that I use, where I will be next, – my ongoing ramblings in my blogs, gig dates and clinic dates. You will also be able view pics of where I am or will be, and videos that are posted for your viewing pleasure… – or laughs!

LOL On this site you will find educational tidbits as well. Whether it is in my audio media page, or video page, or even in just my blog page – it is there at your disposal!



Also – very importantly: Meet Dianne Lee – Maynard. 😀 If you have general inquiries or you would like to know things like schedule or payments, – this is the person to get in touch with! She keeps me in check! You can reach Dianne via or   So sit back – relax, take a nice stroll down “MaynStreet” – and be sure to visit often!


Limitless eXchange (L.X)

Nigel has teamed up with long time friend Nordene Simon-Fogah, and they have merged to spearhead “Endurance Music Group” which then got changed to “Limitless eXchange” — a Gospel Worship Band that does many Gospel/Contempory cover tunes as well as a number of original materials as well.  Check out the website by going to You can also like them at – and follow us on

 Mapex Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, and Evans Drumheads.  







Nigel Maynard |Tel: 416.725.6585